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The consignments are delivered by an authorized transport company DPD – Direct Parcel Distribution CZ s.r.o. at the usual time determined by the transport company. Delivery time depends on the country the shipment is sent to. Usually, the consignments are delivered in the term of 4-6 days within Europe. Within the Czech Republic, the consignments are delivered until the next day till 18:00 from the receipt of the consignment.

The courier service delivers shipments repeatedly in two attempts. The second delivery takes place the next day. All for the price of 1 shipment.

The recipient will be notified of the planned delivery of the consignment to the phone number indicated on the consignment. This notice will be made by a courier service employee (driver) or a customer center employee on the day in which the shipment is to be delivered to the recipient.

DPD customer service: +420 225 373 373


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