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The designers focused on minimizing the components of the individual elements, thus removing the rear mounting bracket. Minimalist accessories with a black finish will not only become a practical helper, but also a decoration of any bathroom

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Black Bathroom Set Bathroom set 3-in-1. Soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, double towel hook.

Bathroom Set

NKC set-31K-T-90
Available: Within 24 hours

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Black Soap dish Soap dish. Satin glass container.

Soap dish

NKC 30059C-90
Available: Within 24 hours

Nikau černá

Black Soap dish Soap dish. Ceramic container.

Soap dish

NKC 30059K-90
Available: Within 24 hours

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Black Robe hook Hook

Robe hook

NKC 30054-90
Available: Within 24 hours
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